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Olive Leaf Tea

The drinking of olive leaf tea has been a way for many centuries by Middle Eastern cultures to treat disorders such as coughs, sore throat, cystitis, fever and gout. In addition to the infusion, poultices were also made of the olive leaves to treat boils, rashes, warts and other skin problems.

The main constituent of olive leaf is the phytochemical oleuropein, which has broken down to elenolic acid, which have a powerful anti-bacterial effect, and has the ability to interfere with critical amino acid production essential for viruses.

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Information about Olive Leaf

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Although olive leaf extract is classed as an alternative herbal remedy, it can be helpful in the treatment of the common cold, flu, cold sores (herpes), ear infections, eye infections, nose and throat infections, impetigo, pink eye, parasites, and a host of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It further seems helpful in containing viral infections and the spreading of these viruses by inactivating them, and the ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication.

Medicinal Effect

Oleuropein is a bitter monoterpene glycoside of the class known as secoiridoids and is also one of the major components found in the polyphenolic portion of olive oil. Other ingredients include esters, multiple iridoids, rutin, apigenin, luteolin etc.


Olive Leaf Extract is non-toxic, but when killing too many pathogens too quickly (detoxifying), a "die off" or Herxheimer's reaction may occur - which is experienced as flu-like symptoms or allergic attacks. This however only happens with high dosage and normally passes quickly.

Olive leaf extract may inactivate antibiotics and should not be taken while taking antibiotics.


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