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The Perfect Afternoon Tea Book: Over 70 Tea-Time Treats
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High Tea

Tea served in the afternoon was unheard of prior to the early 1800s, when lunch began to be served in the late morning and dinner not until 8 P.M.

The traditional afternoon tea party was initiated by Anna, Duchess of Bedford, (1788-1861). High Tea became a substantial, early dinner. A cross between afternoon tea and supper.

Afternoon tea, or Low Tea, was served in living rooms and parlors, at low tables placed next to armchairs. and is a more casual, everyday affair.

Whether Afternoon Tea or High Tea, it’s a tradition worth maintaining!

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Essential Tea Companion:
Favorite Menus for Tea Parties

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High Tea Blends

English High Tea

A bit of British class plus a dash of cream. Add a lump of sugar or not to this delicious blend. English Breakfast tea is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. Enjoy plain or with milk.

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Buy Earl Grey Bravo loose tea

Bright, fruity tone of Earl Grey Bravo is mediated with delicate Ceylon Sonata and a hint of Lapsang Souchong. Perhaps a more traditional taste?

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Buy Russian Caravan loose tea

Black tea from the Fujian province of China. Lapsang Souchong tea (also called Russian Caravan tea) has a famously smoky aroma and flavor. To create this, tea leaves are dried in bamboo baskets over pine fires, achieving a perfect balance of smoke and tea flavor. This isn't a tea for everyone; I like the really smokey flavor.

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Buy Keemun Rhapsody loose tea

Keemun tea, perhaps the most famous of Chinese black tea varieties, is prized for its rich chocolate-like flavor, and sumptuous aroma. This 'Keemun Rhapsody' is a hand-made, limited production grade tea. This tea has wonderfully entrancing cocoa notes, biscuity nuances, a whispering fruitiness and a flickering shadow of classic Keemun smokiness.

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Selected English Teas

Adagio English Breakfast Tea - English Breakfast tea is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. Made with the finest grade Keemun, prized for its rich smoky flavor, and sumptuous aroma. May be enjoyed plain or with a drop of milk. One of their most popular varieties.

Adagio Earl Grey Tea - Earl Grey Bravo is premium black tea from Sri Lanka, flavored with oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit. The perfect afternoon tea.


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