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What could be better to fend off the chill of the winds sweeping in off Lake Michigan? Tea, of course.

Where to take your tea? Chicago claims dozens of spots to take tea, both English, Russian and Asian-style. High tea or a quick cuppa on the go.
What to do? Try them all!

The Drake Hotel

Recommended Chicago Tea Rooms

The Drake Hotel - 140 East Walton Place, Chicago; 312-787-2200. Afternoon tea served at the Palm Court daily, 1.30 to 5pm.

Marshall Field's - 111 N. State St., Chicago; 312-781-1000. Traditional English style, afternoon tea. The Walnut Room, on the 7th floor of Marshall Fields on State Street, is one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago, dating from 1907. Teas are brewed loose, from Whittard's Teas.


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