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Assam Tea

Assam, the world’s single largest tea-growing region, producing more than 1,500,000 pounds of tea annually, is located in northeast India, lying on either side of the Brahmaputra River, and bordering Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar). There are some superb, high quality teas produced in Assam. The golden tips present in Assam tea tend to lessen its astringency, therefore, Assam tea can be malty, sweet and smooth, all highly desirable qualities in tea.

Other teas from India: [ceylon] [darjeeling] [nilgiri]

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Assam Harmony

Assam tea brews up a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste. Our 'Assam Harmony' is an outstanding second-flush (summer) clonal tea from Mangalam, arguably the finest estate in the Assam region.

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Assam Melody

Brews up a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste. The latter makes Assam an ideal breakfast-time tea. Our 'Assam Melody' is a flavorful second-flush (summer) tea from the well-regarded Meleng estate.

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