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An all-inclusive kettle for heating water to the perfect temperature. Durable stainless steel kettle.
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Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a popular Asian tea latte drink, similar to chai. Bubble teas have tapioca "pearls" placed in a cup and the bubble tea mixture goes on top.

First the latte is created by blending the mix with water or milk in a blender with crushed ice or with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Drink the Bubble Tea with an extra wide straw to sip the chewy pearls from the bottom of the cup.

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Green Tea [AIO Bubble Tea Powder]

This bubble tea beverage mixes make bubble tea fast and easy! They are especially great as ice-blended bubble tea: just add the AIO mix with water and ice into a blenderor make it the traditional way by shaking it up. These flavored powders are used to make milk teas, slushes and smoothies.

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Matcha (Green Tea) Powder [Bubble Tea Powder]

This Boba Matcha Green Tea is delicious! It does come slightly pre-sweetened, so people who do not wish to consume any sugar should be aware. Use this bubble powder to make a Green Tea Smoothie Frappe.

16 oz. only $14.00

Raspberry [Bubble Tea Powder]

Make your own Boba tea latte in the comfort of your home. These flavored powders are used to make milk teas, slushes and smoothies.

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Bubble Tea Starter Kit

Love boba? Now you can make your own boba milk tea our starter kit. Each starter kit includes: - Milk Tea Powder (1 pack - 1.3lbs) - Regular Tapioca (1 pack - 6.6lbs) - 16oz (500cc) Cocktail Shaker (1) - 1oz Measuring Spoon (1) - Pearl Scoop (1) - Large Straws (1 pack - 45pcs) - Whats Boba Flyers (2 - 8.5x11) not shown - Recipe Cards (2) not shown

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Selected Bubble Teas

Bubble Tea at CoffeeAM.com - Try the newest taste sensation in tea... Bubble Tea.


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