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Steeping instruction

Making Pu-erh brick tea: Break off 1 square portion, break up into small pieces and place in 12 oz. teapot.
To rinse tea, pour boiling water over tea and immediately pour out liquid.
Strain while decanting.
Each portion may be steeped 4 times.
Recommended steeping times: 2 minutes.

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Pu-erh Tea

Unique to China, Pu-erh is grown and picked throughout the year, unlike other teas that require a dormant season. Although dark Pu-erh tastes much like black tea, it falls into a category of its own. These teas are not allowed to dry completely. They are "composted", allowing "friendly bacteria" to grow. The tea is then aged, often into "bricks", adding to its unique character. These aged teas are prized and can be found in vintages, like fine wines.

Also prized as a slimming, diet tea!

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Pu-Erh Poe Tea

Pu Erh tea gets its name from a small town located in the Yunnan region of China. This tea has a pronounced earthy aroma and rich taste. It is very popular in China due to its notoriety as a slimming diet tea. This tea's unique fermentation process imparts it with some cholesterol-fighting powers.

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Puerh Dante tea

Black tea from the Yunnan region of China. Pu Erh tea, perhaps the most esoteric of Chinese varieties, has a pronounced earthy aroma and taste. We suggest trying a sample before committing to larger quantities. The earthy taste is not subtle.

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