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Teas of India

There are three major tea-growing regions of India, all producing superb and distinctive teas. Assam, in the Northeast, tends to be rich and full-bodied. Darjeeling, nestled in the cool, wet foothills of the Himalayas, is known for its delicacy. Nilgiri, in Southern India, grown at the highest altitudes, is the most subtle and is frequently blended with other tea varieties.

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Teas from around the world

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Assam Harmony

Assam tea brews up a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste. Our 'Assam Harmony' is an outstanding second-flush (summer) clonal tea from Mangalam, arguably the finest estate in the Assam region.

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Darjeeling puttabong summer tea

'Darjeeling Rhapsody no. 2' is a second-flush (summer) hand-made 'wonder' tea from the upper reaches (7000 feet above sea level) of the Gopaldhara estate.

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Darjeeling sungma summer tea

'Darjeeling Rhapsody no. 22' is a superb second-flush (summer) tea from the highly regarded Risheehat estate. An excellent introduction to this wonderful variety.

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