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Shanghai Sampler

Set includes: Green Pekoe,
Green Anji, White Monkey and Jasmine chun hao (#5).
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An all-inclusive kettle for heating water to the perfect temperature. Durable stainless steel kettle.
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Mikado Gold

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Teas of Japan

Japanese teas are almost exclusively "green" and very little is actually exported.
There are no less than 20 different varieties. Listed below are the 9 most popular types of tea from Japan. [Click here] to learn more about tea and leaf style.

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Sencha Premier Green tea

A Japanese green tea that is truly sublime. Made only from the dark green leaves gathered in the early spring flush, this tea infuses with an aroma and taste unsurpassed by any other. A unique treat. Best brewed 160°F - 170°F.

4 oz. only $34.00 Green Sencha

Gyokuro Green tea

Gyokuro, meaning 'pearl dew,' is among the finest of Japanese teas. Made solely from the prized tender buds gathered in the early spring flush. Three weeks prior to plucking, tea bushes are shaded from the sun. The fruits of this hard work are evident in each cup. Best brewed 160°F - 170°F.

4 oz. only $39.00 Green Sampler

Genmai Cha Green tea

Exotic Japanese recipe that combines popped rice and popcorn with tender and delicate green tea leaves. First used by peasants as a cost-saving measure, our 'Genmai Cha Pop' tea is now equally popular with modern urbanites.
A sweet and nutty flavor.

4 oz. only $14.00 Green Sampler

Japanese Gunpowder Green tea

Gunpowder tea is made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. This '1812 Gunpowder' produces a full-bodied cup with a hint of smokiness.

4 oz. only $9.00 Green Sampler

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